Baltimore businessman accused of sexually abusing 2 relatives

Charges have been brought against a 48-year-old Baltimore County businessman and government worker for the alleged sexual abuse of two female relatives, one minor and one adult. The accused man is the former operator of a Christian summer camp, is a business owner, the head of a church and a county government code enforcer.

Criminal charges were brought against the Lykens Court man by a female relative who claimed she had been sexually assaulted multiple times. The teenager told authorities she was abused in her home and at the man’s business, School House Studio Company, for two years starting in 2008. A second relative, an adult, has also alleged abuse by the 48-year-old entrepreneur and county employee.

The businessman operated the youth-oriented Superior Christian Summer Camp at Towson University in 2010. He has been placed on unpaid leave from his work as a Baltimore County code enforcement inspector, pending the outcome of the police investigation.

Complaints by both women resulted in separate warrants for the businessman’s arrest in late August. Among the charges the ex-day camp operator faces are child abuse, sexual abuse of a minor, second-degree assault, and third- and fourth-degree sexual offenses.

Along with owning the School House Studio Company, reports say the accused is also the head of the Full Ministry Family Church.

The suspect was formally charged with the multiple sexual offenses and was released, after posting $100,000 bail. A trial date is pending.

Simply being charged with a sexual offense can have detrimental effects on your career and social reputation. The man in this case is clearly an active member of the community who could suffer greatly from the charges that have been brought against him. He has already been suspended from his job.

While sex crimes charges can be difficult to face, experienced Baltimore defense attorneys know that not everyone accused of a crime is guilty. Strong defenses can be built to challenge sex offense charges with the help of a defense attorney.