Employee Harassment Attorneys

Losing your job can cause severe monetary and mental problems for you personally as well as your family. Costly lawsuits can cause significant enterprise deficits and damage your popularity, should you be a company.

Your work law attorneys in Denver recognize the effects that are critical that employees and businesses experience in a shaky relationship. They are able to help work with you recover various kinds of reduction, including acquiring severance agreements, adjusting the stated basis for divorce from firing to resignation or prevent enterprise losses, get businesses to agree to not contest benefits, and support clients secure financial settlements.

Employees and Employers: A Benefit

We’ve a comprehensive familiarity with work law problems because we represent both companies and personnel. This expertise helps us efficiently represent our consumers at test or in negotiations.

Protecting Employees from Harassment

While in the span of our occupation law exercise in Denver, Colorado, we’ve managed many career regulation issues, including:

Wrongful termination – Beneath The Colorado at will work concept, their jobs can be lost by personnel at any time. However, each time a firing is inappropriate or illegal, we could help personnel recover wage loss or additional damages. We might also be able to assist your current occupation is retained by you.
Elegance – As an employment attorney, Bryan E. Kuhn has treated extensively with job discrimination cases involving racial discrimination office situations, sexual harassment, and discrimination based on national or faith, era, sex, ethnicity orientation. We enable customers recover damages and make the esteem they deserve.
Sexual harassment – We also represent workers who’ve been the subjects of sexual harassment in the workplace. These conditions can also lead to a hostile work environment, which can be illegitimate and inappropriate.

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